Dragonslayers, Crypt-breakers, Revengers

Party level: 6

Fat with loot from dragon hoards (multiple), the party pushes on to Daggerford where Xolkin’s trail goes cold at the foot of “The Snail”.

Weary of serving others, and chasing disasters, the party returns to the wetlands outside Daggerford to explore a thousand-year-old tomb, newly unearthed by the now-deceased dragons who so recently nested there.

Harried by traps and hours of searching, the party almost departs with consolation loot from a false tomb. On a hunch, they search one last stretch of wall, finding a secret door. The air beyond is thick with a thousand years of history. This tomb is not in any history book, or wizard’s ledger. It is a forgotten tomb, and the party ventures forth, into the unknown…

Forgotten Realms: Heroes of the Sword Coast

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